What Do You Need Cut?

    Water jet cutters are helpful to many fields that need cutting. Water jet cutting is not limited to industrial cutting of metal parts. Water jets are great at cutting metal but they cut so much more. Often, the capabilities of a water jet cutting service are overlooked until they are brought to your attention. Look at the following suggestions for good applications for water jet cutting.

Look at the following suggestions for good applications for water jet cutting.

How many of these categories fit your requirements?

Prototypes -- Simple set-up and clamping on a waterjet makes running a single piece or few parts very affordable. Consider calling FluidCut with any short run order. The affordability of water jet cutting allows for ideas or “inventions” to be tried. Simply sketch your idea send it to us. Your simple idea could make you the next millionaire. Try it.

High Volume Production Parts -- Large quantities of parts can be cut at FluidCut. Our large capacity 4 jet cutter machine can produce multiple parts at a time reducing the price to you. The programming flexibility of the CNC water jet machine allows for each of the production parts to be made differently without raising the price. Try accomplishing that on a stamping press.

Very Large Parts -- The water jets of FluidCut are able to load large full sized sheets of material. We are capable of cutting material that measures up to 16 feet wide by 30 feet long.  This is perfect for projects where the available materials supplied to us are full size sheets. Large architectural details can also be loaded onto the machine and cut with one set-up. This can allow the savings to stay in your pocket.

Heat Sensitive Material -- Anybody who is cutting with a CNC laser should look closely into waterjet cutting. Plasma and laser leave a “burnt” edge. This edge is unattractive. Many parts require a clean surface. The “burnt” edge of metals is hardened and the properties of the material change. This hardened edge is hard to machine and the material often “warps”. Water jet cutting doesn’t introduce heat into the material. There are no heat affected zones (HAZ). Plastic and rubbers can also be cut with water jets with out any affects from heat.

Thick Materials -- 4”… 8”…10” thick material? It doesn’t matter with water jet cutting.  Depending on the material, up to 12” thick material can be cut. What else can cut like this?

Hard to Machine Materials -- Material that is very hard cut or machine is not a problem for FluidCut water jet cutting service. Materials that need special tools to cut or need frequent, expensive tool sharpening or replacement are a perfect match for water jet cutting. FluidCut can easily cut these tough materials.

Composites and Laminates -- Cutting parts from material with layers of different properties can be challenging for most cutting processes. Water jets are not affected by these laminates and composites, which are commonly used now because of their amazing qualities.

Art Work and Design -- The ability of the CNC water jet cutting machine to follow intricate details of a complex piece of art and accurately reproduce it is amazing. The true beauty of the artists work can be easily transferred to floor tile, stained glass, carpet, metal, rock or any other material. Consider adding pretty design elements to anything you need cut with a water jet.

Signs -- Water jets are commonly used for cutting signs. Water jets can turn any material you can imagine into a sign. Whether you are a builder of complex signs or you only need a simple sign made call FluidCut for ideas and prices.

Glass -- There is no need to design glass pieces with straight edges or scribe and “break” glass anymore. Water jets can cut the most detailed shapes from a piece of glass. There are no limits to what design can be cut into glass by a water jet.

Very Soft Materials -- Cloth, foam and rubbers that are usually cut with a blade or a die can be easily cut with a water jet. Tearing or stretching of the material is a thing of the past with a water jet.

Anything You Can Imagine -- This short list is to help you realize that FluidCut water jet cutting service can help in many areas. Call FluidCut at 1-877-FLUID-CUT for ideas on all of your cutting needs (Even what you may consider the strangest thing to have cut by water jet). The possibilities of water jet cutting are limitless so please call us with your ideas. I’m sure all your ideas can be cut.

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