10 Reasons
you need to call FluidCut
to learn how
water jet cutting will help you

1. Fluidcut Water Jet Cutting can
cut any material you need cut. (So far the only thing we can't cut is tempered/safety glass.)
2. Fluidcut Water Jet will produce a
high quality edge finish. (The edge will look sand blasted.)
3. Fluid Cut Water Jet Cutting doesn’t cause any bad effects to your material from heat like other cutting processes like laser cutting and plasma cutting cause. (Flat pieces stay flat.)
4. Fluidcut Waterjet Cutting doesn’t create any bad environmental side effects like smoke, or poisons like other cutting processes create.
(a true "Green Manufacturing" process)
5. Fluidcut Waterjet Cutting doesn’t have any wasted time from tool changes or any tool costs to pass onto you, the customer. (The water and garnet "sand" do all the work.)
6. Fluidcut Waterjet Cutting creates a cut edge with minimal burring or
no burr at all. (Put your files and grinders away.)
7. Fluidcut Waterjet Cutting
only needs simple two-dimensional drawings or sketches (No 3-D CAD needed) to make your parts. (Draw it on a napkin, fax it to us and we will cut it.)
8. Fluidcut Waterjet Cutting doesn’t need elaborate clamping and fixturing to hold your work so your price is kept low and the turn around time is fast. (Fast and easy cutting
saves you money.)
9. FluidCut Water Jet Cutting can create finished parts often times eliminating the need for secondary machining. (Fast and easy cutting
saves you time and headaches.)
10. FluidCut Waterjet Cutting has over 30 years of experience in the machining and manufacturing field to share with you to make your product better and faster than ever before. (
Put our expertise to work for you.)

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