Most Frequently Asked Questions… Answered.

What material can be cut with a waterjet?

As you have probably heard said, “Waterjets can cut anything. That is almost true. Typical materials we cut with the waterjet are aluminum, steel, brass, copper, plastic and glass. However, we have the cut a bit of everything, ranging from foam and wood to electric motors for research purposes. We even carved a few pumpkins in our day.

How thick of material can you cut with your waterjet?

Our machine is designed to cut material up to 8 inches thick (we’ve actually altered the machine at times to cut thicker material). Contact us to discuss the details.

How thin of material can you cut using waterjet?

We have cut shim material thinner than .001″ thick.

How big is your machine?

Our machine table is 11′ x 17′. We actually have cut pieces longer than 20 feet.

What is your turn-around time and how quickly can you cut my part for me?

We typically can cut your parts within a few days. We understand sometimes things are needed ”yesterday”. Let us know when you need it. We can usually rearrange the schedule to help when you are in a jam.

Can FluidCut supply material?

Yes, we supply material for many of our customers. If you have material or want to supply your own you can do that, too. We recommend contacting Speedy Metal of Fraser, just around the block from us, for your material needs.

Is my job too small for you to cut?

We can cut tiny parts (one piece or many).

Do you cut one-piece orders?

Yes. We can cut small quantity orders. However, if the cutting time is minimal, it is usually more economical to cut more pieces.

Do you do cutting for homeowners, hobbyists and inventors?

Yes. We do these types of cutting jobs often. Just contact us and let us know what you need.

Can FluidCut handle large production or repeat jobs?

Yes, we have cut large orders with thousands of pieces and run numerous monthly production jobs.

We have never used a water jet cutting service before. Where do I start?

It’s easy. Start by sending an email with any drawings, sketches or data you have. Let us know the material, the thickness, the quantity, if you need us to supply the material and when you need it cut. Or, just call us at 586-293-9100. We’ll be glad to help.

What drawing files do you accept and what CAD program do you use?

The preferred file format is a 2-dimensional DXF file. These tend to work best with our waterjet cutting program and equipment. We can use other file formats like IGES, STEP, DWG, and others. Send any files you have. We can use almost any.

I don’t have CAD or other computer files. Can you still make my parts?

No problem. We can use any PDF, blueprint, sample part or even a doodle sketched on a napkin faxed to us at 586-293-3616.

Do you do 5-axis waterjet cutting?

We do not have a 5-axis waterjet machine. However, sometimes we can still accomplish what you need with our flat cutting machine. Contact us to see if we can help.

Can the waterjet cut holes in my part?

Yes. The waterjet can cut holes through materials. The holes have to go all the way through the thickness. It cannot cut holes partially through the material. Also, some materials may not be conducive to cutting holes and some holes may be too small for the waterjet to cut properly. Contact us if you have concerns about your particular material or design.

Do you offer other services like drilling, tapping, milling or fabricating?

Yes. FluidCut offers other services and can supply complete parts that require additional machining, forming, plating, painting and more.


How do I pay FluidCut for my waterjet cutting?

We accept cash, credit card, PayPal and company check. Our returning customers in good standing can be set up on account so purchase orders can be issued. Contact us for details.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. FluidCut accepts credit cards. We processVisa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, JCB, and UnionPay using the Square app from SquareUp.com.

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes. FluidCut accepts PayPal.

Why use waterjet?

Water jets can cut almost any material. It cuts without using heat. Heat can often damage or warp material. The waterjet can cut thicker material than many other forms of CNC cutting. Contact us to discuss if waterjet cutting is the optimal method of making your parts.

Is waterjet cutting the best/fastest/cheapest way to cut my material?

Waterjet is always an option for cutting parts. It may not be the best option for you particular job. Let us know what your project requires and we will let you know if a process other than waterjet cutting is recommended.

What can’t be cut on a waterjet?

Pretty much everything can be cut with a waterjet. We have had some difficulty cutting carbide. We also, won’t be able to cut your windshield or safety glass.

Can I watch my parts being cut on the waterjet?

Depending on our production schedule and other circumstances at the shop, you are welcome to watch your parts being cut.

Do you waterjet cut pipe?

Maybe. Our machine is not specifically set up to cut pipes. However, we have done cutting on pipes in the past. Contact us to explain your particular needs.

Can you waterjet cut brass?

Yes. We waterjet cut brass

Can you waterjet cut plastic?

Yes. We waterjet cut plastic

Can you waterjet cut foam?

Yes. We waterjet cut foam

Can you waterjet cut steel?

Yes. We waterjet cut steel

Can you waterjet cut wood?

We can usually cut parts from wood. Sometimes it is not the best way to make your parts. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Can you waterjet glass?

Yes. We waterjet glass.

Can you waterjet cut safety glass or tempered glass?

No. Unfortunately, tempered glass usually shatters when attempting to cut it with a waterjet.

How wide is the stream of water on a waterjet?

For most cutting use a .040” cutting nozzle. Depending on the particular needs of the job we can use stream of water as thin as .001 inch.

What pressure is your waterjet machine?

We cut with up to 60,000 PSI of water pressure.

Can I drop off my material to you?

Yes. Please let us know the time you will be delivering.

Can I drop ship or deliver to you?

Yes. Drop shipping material from your supplier is a great way to get material to us affordably.

Do you deliver?

We can arrange to have your parts shipped to you. We ship small parts via UPS. Let us know your UPS account if you want it billed directly from US.  We send large jobs via truck. Contact us for details.

Where are you located?

We are located in Fraser Michigan, a suburb of Detroit Michigan. We have customers from around the country and Canada. Contact us to see if we can supply your parts to you.

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Water jet cutting is not limited to industrial cutting of metal parts. Water jets are great at cutting metal but they cut so much more. Often, the capabilities of a water jet cutting service are overlooked until they are brought to your attention. Look at the following suggestions for good applications for water jet cutting.

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FluidCut Services


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