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Waterjet cutting can be puzzling. Whether you are new to the wonders of waterjet cutting or you are well versed in the world of cutting with water, you can benefit from getting your free “Waterjet Wonder Box”.

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What’s in your “Waterjet Wonder Box”?

  • 10 unique samples cuts of different materials, so you can see what can be cut using the waterjet and what the cuts look like.
  • A copy of “Waterjet Wisdom” our guide to help you through the sometimes-confusing world of waterjet cutting. This guide will help you with ideas on how to best utilize the benefits of waterjet cutting. It will teach you how to use waterjet cutting to save money on the items you need cut. The guide will also help streamline your design process maximize your results.
  • Our checklist “The Questions!”. The questions you must ask before you select a waterjet cutting service provider. #3 will surprise you.
  • Testimonials from our satisfied customers so you can use FluidCut with confidence.
  • Copies of “Cut to the Chase”. FluidCut’s newsletter filled with fun facts and information.
  • Your surprise free gift!
  • And a lot more!

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Fluid Cuts Benefits

Water jet cutting is not limited to industrial cutting of metal parts. Water jets are great at cutting metal but they cut so much more. Often, the capabilities of a water jet cutting service are overlooked until they are brought to your attention. Look at the following suggestions for good applications for water jet cutting.

FluidCut Services


FluidCut Services


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