Waterjet Cutting Services

Industry, Military, Artists, Inventors and You.

Waterjet Cutting Services

Industry, Military, Artists, Inventors and You.

FluidCut Services

FluidCut Services

FluidCut Services


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FluidCut Services

FluidCut Services

FluidCut Services

FluidCut Services

Benefits of Choosing FluidCut

All first time
customers receive
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their initial order

Free engineering and design consultation so the waterjet cutting of your project is of the highest quality while still affordable

“No Risk Guarantee.” Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t 100% satisfied we will do what is needed to make you are more than satisfied


We will send you “FluidCut’s free “Intro to Waterjet Cutting Kit”. In it you will find samples of cuts and services we offer, guides on how to make your designs most efficient for waterjet cutting, and other information to educate you on the fascinating world of waterjet cutting.

Need precision cuts without errors or quality control problems NOW?

Discover The Amazing Guaranteed Benefits Of Waterjet Cutting!

End Wasting Time And Money On Large Or Small Jobs With Unreliable Quality. No More Cost Overruns, Delays, Or Quality Control Issues…Guaranteed!

Fast, Fast Turnaround Using Environmentally Friendly, Waterjet Cutting For:

  • Industry

  • Military

  • Artists

  • Inventors

  • And Much More!


WARNING – Not all cutting companies are the same! Especially how many GUARANTEE their work!

Read on to learn why FluidCuts Water Jet Cutting should be your next cutting provider…and the GUARANTEE we provide our competitors simply won’t offer! If you need a very big cutting job, or you’re an inventor who needs help getting your prototype made, or anything in between…FluidCut Water Jet Cutting can do what you need fast, affordably with maximum quality and tolerances. Guaranteed.

Here’s the deal:

Cutting machines are built using differing technologies. As with any machines, as time goes by…new technology improves results for everyone. For the vendor, the customer, and often now-a-days, for the environment.

FluidCut Water Jet Cutting offers breakthrough technologies that can:

• Lower costs
• Speed up turnaround time
• Cut any material
• Produce a high-quality edge finish
• Protect against bad environmental side effects
• Eliminate the need for secondary machining
• Reduce errors
• Improve quality
• Prevent bad effects to your material
• Perform tasks previously unavailable or unaffordable
• Reduce harm to the environment
• Improve safety
• Accomplish tasks anywhere from tiny quantities to huge volume
• And more

All these benefits and more are available from FluidCuts Water Jet cutting, benefits you won’t get with old school cutting shops. Especially with a Guarantee.

We’re betting once you discover how our advanced, state-of-the-art cutting technologies, costs and turnaround work…we’ll will be the choice you make for your next job.


Well, besides the fact that other forms of cutting, particularly using heat or lasers…are not as reliable or useful for so many cutting projects.

Waterjet machines are used for cutting big and heavy parts like those used in army tanks and huge farm tractors. But, they are also capable of cutting small and delicate pieces made of plastic or glass. There isn’t much that our proprietary water jet processes can’t cut!

Want to find out the exact details of how astonishing our FluidCut Water Jet cutting technology can be for your project…and how our totally unheard of Guarantee works?

Please call us NOW at: 1-877-358-4328 or (586) 293-9100 to discuss your job, answer your questions and learn the remarkable Guarantee we offer to take the risk away from you…and place it all on us!

"Easy To Work With"

“Trying to find a reliable and cost effective source for our water jetting needs was difficult. Poor communication continually resulted in missed deadlines for our company. The discovery of FluidCut and Tom Monroe has changed that dramatically. Tom is an effective communicator, easy to work with, and is constantly offering suggestions that save time and money. Would not go anywhere else for our water jetting needs!”

Beth Baker
Sourcing Agent
Bradley Thompson Tool
Southfield, MI

"Highly Recommend Their Services"

“We use Fluid Cut knowing they are prompt, and will always deliver us quality work. We highly recommend their services to all of our clients without any hesitation.” 

Tom Smits
Clinton Township, Michigan

"A Pleasure To Work With"

“I had a vendor abruptly change direction which left me immediately searching for a replacement vendor. This led me to Fluicut, which has been a blessing in disguise. Tom and team have been a pleasure to work with. One door closes and another door opens!” 

John Gilhooly
Syndevco Inc.
Southfield, MI

"Focused On Customer Service"

“I would recommend FluidCut over any competitor due to Tom and his staff. They are focused on customer service a deliver a quality product. Their pricing is very competitive. What surprises me most is FluidCut’s ability to meet my tight delivery requirements! They can even supply material when needed. Thanks FluidCut for all of the support!”

Rick M.
Toolroom manager
Warren MI

"Reasonably Priced"

“I had Tom cut some carbon fiber sheets for me for a car project. Reasonably priced, nice guy, and easy to work with. I’d work with Tom again if I have any future waterjet cutting needs.”

Shane Gorski

Frequently Asked Questions

What material can be cut with a waterjet?

As you have probably heard said, “Waterjets can cut anything. That is almost true. Typical materials we cut with the waterjet are aluminum, steel, brass, copper, plastic and glass. However, we have the cut a bit of everything, ranging from foam and wood to electric motors for research purposes. We even carved a few pumpkins in our day.

How thin of material can you cut using waterjet?

We have cut shim material thinner than .001″ thick.

Can FluidCut supply material?

Yes, we supply material for many of our customers. If you have material or want to supply your own you can do that, too. We recommend contacting Speedy Metal of Fraser, just around the block from us, for your material needs.

How big is your machine?

Our machine table is 11′ x 17′. We actually have cut pieces longer than 20 feet.

How thick of material can you cut with your waterjet?

Our machine is designed to cut material up to 8 inches thick (we’ve actually altered the machine at times to cut thicker material). Contact us to discuss the details.

What is your turn-around time and how quickly can you cut my part for me?

We typically can cut your parts within a few days. We understand sometimes things are needed ”yesterday”. Let us know when you need it. We can usually rearrange the schedule to help when you are in a jam.

What Do You Need Cut?

Water jet cutting is not limited to industrial cutting of metal parts. Water jets are great at cutting metal but they cut so much more. Often, the capabilities of a water jet cutting service are overlooked until they are brought to your attention. Look at the following suggestions for good applications for water jet cutting.

FluidCut Services


FluidCut Services


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