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Fluid Cuts Waterjet cutting

FluidCut waterjet cutting has been helping people and companies with their cutting and machining needs since 1973. We didn’t start as a waterjet cutting service. We saw the amazing possibilities of cutting with abrasive waterjet for our own needs so we started to offer the service to our customers.

We began, like most companies in the Detroit area, as a supplier to the automobile manufacturing industry. Originally, we were an assembly company and production machine house for the “Big Three” automakers. We quickly found our niche as a high quality, fast turn around company that was able to meet and exceed the high demands of the industry.

As the decades passed we honed our skills and expertise. The requirements of the automotive industry resulted in more complex tooling and fixturing. This led to using waterjet cutting and laser cutting besides the conventional machining and cutting of mills, drills and lathes. At first, we used them just for our in-house tool making. Then, we realized our customers were in need of these services, too.

Waterjet cutting became a core aspect of our business over the years as our customers learned the awesome benefits of it. Our customers still use us as a one stop shop for all their machining needs but high-quality waterjet cutting seems to be the thing our customers demand and keep coming back for.

What Do You Need Cut?

Water jet cutting is not limited to industrial cutting of metal parts. Water jets are great at cutting metal but they cut so much more. Often, the capabilities of a water jet cutting service are overlooked until they are brought to your attention. Look at the following suggestions for good applications for water jet cutting.

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FluidCut Services


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